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Romantic Vacations

Trying to decide what to do on your next vacation? We’ve rounded up some fun ideas to answer the who, what and where of how to travel next.

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With hectic work schedules, sometimes it takes more than just a date night to reconnect. Time away in a romantic setting could be just what is needed. Perhaps you can leave the kids with grandma and grandpa so you can soak up some alone time with your sweetheart.

Spending an extended period of alone time with your significant other can help rejuvenate your relationship and help you fall in love all over again. Think of a romantic vacation as a sizable deposit into your "love account," where you can build resiliency to endure the normal challenges couples face, not to mention it can be a whole lot of fun!

So, where do you want to go?

Location and scenery can help make a vacation romantic, but oftentimes not as much as the activities you do together. If you're outdoor enthusiasts, why not try your hand at surfing at the beach, or horseback riding on mountain trails? If you identify as culture lovers, consider taking in a museum or an art gallery. Or maybe you're serious foodies who could tour wine country, or sample exquisite cuisine together. Don’t feel pressure to do too much, the point is to enjoy activities together and really escape from the everyday. Taking the time to enjoy a sunset or sunrise or simply an extra-long walk makes a romantic getaway special. >

It can be a good time to trade the distractions of everyday life for a chance to connect with the one you love. Feel the rekindled flames radiate on a romance-filled vacation, just for two.

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