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Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I eligible for CENTER STAYS™ Club?

CENTER STAYS™ Club is available to those who have a relationship with CENTER STAYS™ Club, as well as anyone with an immediate family relationship (i.e., spouse, mother/father, son/daughter or significant other) with any of the foregoing persons (collectively, “Eligible Members”).

Can you tell me more about the new CENTER STAYS™ Club Program?

The CENTER STAYS™ Club provides Eligible Members with a full-service travel platform allowing members to book travel from start to finish. In addition to discounts on resorts, car rentals and hotels, members may have access to air and even activities that can be booked wherever you’re traveling! For our members wanting an upgraded experience, we also offer a premium membership which currently provides members with additional savings on travel as well as an expanded suite of products including event tickets, shopping and cruises.

Can you tell me more about your cruise program?

CENTER STAYS™ Club premium members have access to thousands of cruise vacations on many of the leading cruise lines with up to $1,500 in on-board credits. If you have any questions related to cruises, you can call 800-216-6999, available 24/7.

I am looking for a vacation rental at a specific location and/or time and can’t find it. Can you help me?

With so many vacation options from hotel to resorts to cruise, there are so many ways to vacation with CENTER STAYS™ Club. The website is up throughout the day, please continue to check back to see if your desired date and location becomes available.

What is your cancellation policy?

The fees assessed by CENTER STAYS™ Club and any applicable third party travel provider as a result of a cancellation or change are set forth on the Booking Confirmation and apply to all transactions purchased through CENTER STAYS™ Club. Please refer to the Booking Conditions for our detailed confirmation policy.

Can I take non-member travel companions?

Yes. As long as you are an Eligible Member, and the reservation is in your name, your companions may accompany you provided that you do not exceed the maximum occupancy allowed for your reservation. Depending on the resort, you may even be permitted to book multiple units at the same time and location so long as you are also traveling.

Do you offer all-inclusive resorts?

Yes, we do. You can find them in the Resort Store on the site

How far in advance do I have to make a reservation to ensure there is availability?

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so a location may be available in the morning, but gone by afternoon. If all available units have been reserved, please contact a Travel Concierge at x-xxx-xxx-xxxx at who will assist you with finding an alternative location or available date.

Can you tell me more about Premium Membership in the CENTER STAYS™ Club?

Premium membership in CENTER STAYS™ Travel Club offers access to additional savings ing up to 60% off on hotel stays, access to $389 weekly resort stays and premium-only product offerings including cruise vacations with up to $1,500 in onboard credits.

Questions about flights?

Please call 844-991-0923, open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday.

*CENTER STAYS™ Club members get up to 60% off of hotels, and activities. Resort bookings starting at $389. Cruises and tickets only available for booking with a premium membership.

** Destinations and travel times are subject to availability. Additional travel costs, mandatory all-inclusive fees, taxes, and other expenses are not included. Additional terms and conditions apply and will be provided at time of booking. Program rules subject to change. See terms and conditions.

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